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Lessico dei Grammatici Greci Antichi

The LESSICO DEI GRAMMATICI GRECI ANTICHI (LGGA) represents an online reference tool dedicated to the field of ancient Greek philology, grammar and scholarship. This website, which was opened in 2002, has seen the in-progress publication of cards regarding figures who are relevant, from various points of view, for exegesis as well as erudite and philological-grammatical research in the ancient world. Starting from 2015, LGGA is published by Brill under the name of Lexicon of Greek Grammarians of Antiquity.

Words in Progress

Words in Progress

The Words in Progress (WiP) website is an online freely consultable database that is continuously enriched. It represents an on-going supplement to the major currently used dictionaries of Ancient and Byzantine Greek and seeks to provide a scientific tool for scholars of Greek and more generally of the Ancient Greek and Latin world.

Words in Progress

Catalogus Philologorum Classicorum

The Catalogus Philologorum Classicorum (CPhCl) is an encyclopaedic lexicon that collects the biographies and the bibliographies of modern classical scholars. It involves an international network of local units; they are coordinated by the central unit, hosted by the Dipartimento di Antichità, Filosofia, Storia (DAFIST) of the University of Genova.

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Centro Italiano dell’Année Philologique

The Centro Italiano dell’Année Philologique (CIAPh) is the Italian editorial office of the Année Philologique, the well known reference bibliography for scholars of Greek and Latin antiquity. In cooperation with the international staff of the Année Philologique by means of a computer network, the Italian Centre is in charge of the indexing of the entire classical bibliography produced in Italy. Founded at the University of Genoa in 1995, in 2019 the CIAPh moved to the University of Bologna and is now directed by Prof. Camillo Neri.

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Scholia Minora

Scholia Minora in Homerum

The aim of the site Scholia Minora in Homerum is to provide up-to-date listing, descriptions, editions and digital images of the so-called Scholia Minora to the Iliad and Odyssey on papyrus. We project to keep the list of papyri up-to-date and to offer editions with apparatus of parallel passages of all the papyri.

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MediaClassica is a web site for didactics of the ancient Greek and Latin languages, carried out by a group of scholars and teachers working in the Dipartimento di Antichità, Filosofia, Storia (DAFIST) of the University of Genova in partnership with Loescher Editore.


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